Athletic department upholds the spirit of enhancing the campus sports atmosphere and strengthening the competitive strength of the athletic teams. With the unique charm of sports, it activates the campus sports atmosphere and finally achieves the goal of healthy CMU (China Medical University) faculty, staff, and students.
     In addition, the campus can be used as the core of development, combined with the daily leisure, economic activities, and cultural development of neighboring community residents, to build and shape the sports center of the region.
     According to the purpose and objectives of the establishment of athletic department, the director of athletic department is currently served by Dr.  Ching-Hsiang Chen from the General Education Center. There are five groups including sports competitions, venue equipment management, curriculum and teaching, Beigang campus, and Yingcai campus. With the assistance of a teacher, we are responsible for planning school physical education curriculum and teaching, sports activities, athletic team training, venue equipment management and maintenance. It aims to enhance the school's campus sports atmosphere and athletic team's competitive sports strength, and properly activate and manage all sports facilities. In order to provide a better quality and diversified sports and leisure environment for faculty, staff, students and the general public, so as to achieve the goal of a vibrant campus and healthy China Medical University.